Our outstanding room-length Palace Imperial planks measuring up to 12 m and with a width of up to 0.55 m.

The uniqueness of nature in Austriawood & Co!

Fully customisable product.

Boards in three grades: as grown, natural and selected.
The widest range of wood species:
– Oak
– Black Walnut
– Mountain Larch
– Spruce
– Ash
– American Cherry
– Burma teak
– Douglasie
– Wenge
– Sapele
Natural or custom colors.


For width up to 300 mm, all our surfaces can be applied. For widths over 300 m, a special order must be made.

Stunning oak plank with a width of 550 mm

in Selected grade! No knots at all!

XXL Oak Plank
Douglassia XXL

Douglasie with a width of 530 mm in Selected grading and white colour. A combination of white oil and natural

timber gives a rose tint.

Have you ever seen American Cherry

boards 350 mm wide? We have them!

Burma Teak in 355 mm width

Veneer and boards quality check at our production in Furstenfeld, Austria

Our founder, Josef Schwaiger, measuring raw material for Palace Imperial Planks manually

Sometimes the only way to deliver

these boards is via the roof!

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