Air-dried Surface

New Product - only Nature

The surface of air-dried parquet mirrors the organic textures and hues found in nature, showcasing the intricate patterns and variations inherent to natural wood. Its untouched, raw appearance evokes a sense of authenticity, bringing the essence of the nature into indoor spaces.

Unlike traditional kiln-dried wood, which is dried using artificial heat, air-dried parquet is naturally air-dried. This process allows the wood to dry slowly and evenly, preserving its natural qualities and minimizing the risk of warping or cracking.

Enhanced Durability

The gradual drying process of ari-dried parquet results in a denser, more durable wood. This makes it highly resistant to damage from impacts, moisture, and fluctuations in temperature and humidity, ensuring long-term durability and stability.

Ari-dried parquet often exhibits unique patterns, colors, and grain variations that are characteristic of natural wood. The slow drying process allows the wood to retain its natural beauty and individuality, giving each piece of parquet a distinct appearance.

Easy Maintenance


Due to its inherent durability and resistance to wear, ari-dried parquet requires minimal maintenance compared to other types of flooring. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping are usually sufficient to keep it clean and well-maintained.

Check out our project with air-dried parquet. 4 different colors, 3 specific widths – all air-dry for an astonishing look.

Air-dried material can be aplied to all our designs and patterns

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