Alpine Oldwood

Unique surface

Our Alpine Oldwood surface is a key element of the Austrian style chalet atmosphere.

It gives the impression of wood aged by time.

The surface becomes 3D and gives the impression of natural aged wood. Each

board is decorated with longitudinal

grooves and uneven cuts – traces of

insects, cracks and knotholes. All these

‘marks of time’ serve to highlight

the authenticity of the board

and the interior as a whole.

Alpine Oldwood texture

Our artisans understand the specifics of working with wood, are familiar with the history of parquet board manufacturing and its evolution over time, and have vast experience.

All of these factors make it possible for us to replicate

natural patterns

The surface can be applied to any format:

  • Imperial Module
  • Herringbone/Chevron
  • Planks up to 300 mm width
  • Geometric shapes

A stylish combination of modern interior

and historical surface

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