3-level Apartment

Flooring: Oak, Edeldielen Planks, Rubin Oldwood

A stylish combination of modern interior with Oldwood historical surface and classic 3-width installation.

An excellent example of mono-color flooring with two surfaces in different rooms.

On the first level of the apartment, there is the master bedroom, featuring an Austriawood & Co board with Oldwood surface in Rubin colour, and the children’s bedrooms, which were given

the same Rubin boards but with a basic

Brushed surface.


Our factory can help you to create an accent piece where it is really needed.

Two different surfaces were chosen for the bedrooms – an unusual surface in the parents’ bedroom and a slightly brushed surface in the children’s rooms – to fit their different purposes. Some rooms require a smooth floor

for playing with toys, while others are

more focused on aesthetics.

As a result, the flooring in the rooms remained the same color, but the standard brushed surface

allowed us to stay within the client’s budget.

The second level of the apartment opens up to a spacious living room.


For this area, the designer chose the same parquet board as in the bedroom – Rubin Oldwood. The combination of the white fireplace and the Oldwood board creates a timeless aesthetic and shows that in a modern interior,

an aged board is more than appropriate and provides the necessary comfort and warmth.

This room’s main feature is the wall-to-wall window that leads out onto theterrace, with a nine-metre windowsill made from our

basic Amber Brushed board.

Kursk 4
Kursk 5

You may have noticed that there are three different widths of floorboard in all the rooms: 160, 190, and 250 mm. This classic combination of boards widths gives the space an old-fashioned layout

Unique Surface - Oldwood

The Oldwood makes the surface structure voluminous and creates an impression of wood that has been weathered over time. Each board

is adorned with longitudinal recesses – traces

of insects, cracks, and knotholes.


All of these are ‘marks of time’ that serve to highlight the style and authenticity of the board.

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