The BEAUSiTE – Boutique Hotel

The monochromatic color scheme in the main restaurant was carefully selected to mirror the natural beauty of the the outdoor surrounding nature. The restaurant’s warm and inviting ambiance, with shades of honey and beige, is reminiscent of the golden forests in the nearby Zermatt hills. To complement this atmosphere, Austriawood & Co Oak Herringbone flooring […]

Das Edelweiss Mountain Resort

On the first level of the apartment, there are bedrooms: the master bedroom features an Austriawood & Co board in Rubin color with Oldwood processing, while the children’s bedrooms have boards with a basic Rubin Brushed finish. Our factory allows us to make an accent where it is really needed. The unusual surface in the […]

BAU Munich 2023

Our oak Doggy was carefully delivered to its doghouse in Fürstenfeld and waiting when it could grip you attention again.