The BEAUSiTE – Boutique Hotel

Flooring: Oak, Herringbone, Edeldielen Planks, Custom Color
Zermatt, Switzerland

Located in the most picturesque spot near the world-famous Matterhorn, the BEAUSiTE Zermatt hotel was established

in 1907 during the golden age of alpinism. Following a full-scale renovation, the hotel was reopened in 2022, combining

its rich history with modern luxury for an exceptional guest experience.

The monochromatic color scheme in the main restaurant was carefully selected to mirror the natural beauty of the the outdoor surrounding nature. The restaurant’s warm and inviting ambiance, with shades of honey and beige,

is reminiscent of the golden forests

in the nearby Zermatt hills.

To complement this atmosphere, Austriawood’s Oak Herringbone flooring was chosen

in a custom pink tone and combined with

wall coverings made from bold-colour

fabric and wood trim.

Beausite 2
Beausite 3

The colour and material concept was carefully designed, drawing inspiration from the hotel’s natural surroundings. The Oak Edeldielen Planks boast shades of dark green and hints of refreshing ice water, reflecting the alpine landscape. Incorporating both modern and classic elements, the decor in the hotel lobby showcases a range of hues from blue-grey to green. These colours blend perfectly to create a seamless aesthetic and harmonious ambiance.

The choice of colors evokes the local forests in autumn, resplendent with their golden needles.

The bright, colorful interior of the dining area is

reminiscent of the Grand Budapest Hotel

from the famous Wes Anderson film,

paying homage to its distinct aesthetic.

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