Meeting rooms in the headquarter of international company

Stylish and functional meeting rooms.   There are oak flooring, decorative and acoustic panels on the walls, covered with oak veneer in the same color. There are painted acoustic panels on the ceiling.   All materials are produced by Austriawood & Co. It is a complete harmony and the best illustration of Austriawood & Co […]

Alpine Star

We have reduced dimensions of our standard design Star from Geometric collection and added Alpine Oldwood surface which gives the impression of natural aged wood. We have expanded an application area to prove that geometric collection is an excellent solution for walls! A luxurious wall composed of hundreds of figures, and each one is unique! Looks […]

Authentic hunter’s house

The main point is the original stove adorned with dark green tiles and wrought iron doors. Such beauty deserves the right match! The combination of Vintage and Hand Made Bevel surfaces complements it perfectly. Longitudinal scratches and cracks from Vintage, along with a hand-crafted uneven bevel, are exactly what is needed for recreating a historical interior. […]

Mume: Chinese Restaurant among the clouds

The bright and rich interior design features numerous cultural references and ornamental patterns, elaborated by Singapore agency Hot Design Folks. An essential feature of the modern Chinese interior is our custom flooring: Austriawood & Co Geometric Collection, Scale design in Oak, with brushed surface and custom colour. This floor was designed and created especially for this project. […]

Module Production

Stage 1 – Cutting the material We cut the material using high-precision machines. This means that every piece is cut to exact geometric dimensions and makes it easier to fit them together. Stage 2 – Assembling The pieces are assembled and glued together. We only use certified materials that are safe for humans. Stage […]

Orthodox Cathedral

A key aspect of the design was the building’s historical identity. Our goal was to recreate the original interior with its unique spirit. The architectural ensemble of the central square of the Vologda Kremlin – the historical heart of the town The first floor of the cathedral. The white walls and copious natural light make the […]